Lead singer and guitar player performing live


Sacramento, CA


FLOSS was an experimental rock/alternative metal band founded in 1992 in Woodland and Davis, California. The original lineup consisted of Guitarist Jon Wilson, Drummer Randy Tericci, Bassist Joe Eckert, and vocalist Rodney Williams. A four-song demo entitled Jose was released in 1993, recorded by Bobby Jordan and Cory Vick.

Later that year, Joe was replaced by Mark Eagleton. FLOSS began playing clubs in the Sacramento Central Valley and San Francisco Bay Area. They opened for popular regional bands such as Boneback, Walrus and Mason Lane in the Sacramento and Bay Areas, and soon began to pick up supporting bills for touring acts including Samiam, Heavy Vegetable, and Barkmarket.

In 1995, Floss began working on a full-length album. Seven songs had been recorded when Randy was replaced by Drummer, Hector Moreno. The recordings sat in storage for another year while the band worked on new material, and continued to play regionally.

A year later, FLOSS finally returned to the studio to finish the project. Seven additional songs were recorded and the album was mastered, but funding dried up and it was never released.

For the next several years, FLOSS continued to play regularly in the Central Valley and landed a monthly residency at the Nightbreak’s Sushi Sunday on Upper Haight in San Francisco. By 1998, gigs and rehearsals sort of died down and the band lost touch with each other. An attempt to revive the band was made in 2000, but that too quickly fizzled.

Jon passed away in January of 2016. Rodney passed away September 20, 2020.

Electromagnetic Parasites

Floss - Electromagnetic Parasites front cover
Floss - Electromagnetic Parasites inside sleeve
Floss - Electromagnetic Parasites back cover
  1. Neurons, Synapsis and you
    1. The Paranoid Delusions of the Entomologist
  2. Poor Meager People*
    1. Nitrous Interlude
  3. Fucking Yourself Out of A Plastic Bag
  4. Bus 242
  5. Paper Cut on the Brain
    1. Mondo-Batman-Spoon-Mahrek-Bazarro
  6. I Ain’t Saying Nothing, Man
  7. God Loves His Kingdom
  8. p.632
  9. Traverse*
  10. Death/Water*
    1. WPR Trio
  11. lq.o1
    1. m̴̥͋͝y̶̞͒̂ ̴͕̈̐f̷̹͉̃̉r̵̡̋ǐ̸̦̩e̸͍̼͋̌̀n̷̢͇̰̍ḑ̵̬̀ ̵̛̳͉̬̒̈a̸͇̼͓̋̂̐p̴̳͙͈̃̌r̵̜̱̖̐̕i̵̦̳̦̅̑͛l̶̡͉̄͜
  12. When the Theologists Loose Their Faith

Rodney Williams - Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, cello, samples
Jon Wilson - Electric guitars, delay pedals
Mark Eagleton - 4, 5 and 6 string electric bass guitars, Batman album
Hector Mareno - Drums and percussion
Randy Tericci - Drums on *

Recorded in 1996 at SoundFarm Recording Studio in Vacaville, CA
Produced by Doug Chancellor and Floss.
Engineered by Doug Chancellor
Sculptures by Rodney Williams. Digital imagery and album artwork by Marianne Heath

This album is planned for future release on all the streaming services.


Floss - Jose front cover
Floss - Jose liner notes
Floss - Jose map
  1. Snail Trails
  2. Haun
  3. Clozapine
  4. Brief

¼ Rodney Williams - Vocals
¼ Jon Wilson - Guitar
¼ Joe Eckert - Bass
¼ Randy Tericci - Drums

Recorded in 1993 at C.V. Home Stereo in Sacramento, CA
Produced and engineered by Cory Vic and Bob Jordan.
Recorded by Bob Jordan.

This album is planned for future release on all the streaming services.

Photographs & Memorabilia

Members of Floss and some friends at a party

Clockwise from back: Randy, Jon, Rodney, Cory, Nate, Heidi, and Mark. Photo courtesy of Heidi.

Jon and Rodney performing at the Press Club in Sacramento

Jon and Rodney performing with Floss at the Press Club in Sacramento. Photo courtesy of Heidi.

Autographed Floss flyer for Night Break show in San Francisco December 26, 1993

Autographed Floss flyer for Night Break show in San Francisco on December 26, 1993. Photo courtesy of Heidi.

Floss t-shirt

Official Floss t-shirt. Photo courtesy of Bobby.


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Special thanks to Marianne Heath for providing the master copy of Electromagnetic Parasites, Bobby Jordan for providing original 4-track reels of Jose, and Jude Croxford for providing original cover art for Jose.

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